There’s something special about ascents. Some climb the ladders of professional careers. Others climb walls. Some are happy for getting out of their bed each day. Somehow, it seems like we all need some kind of direction. Obviously, up/forward is the most healthy one. And when it comes to me, I’ve recently/finally found my direction while walking/skiing/running uphill. Or my state of mindfulness, if you prefer. But I have a feeling that my mind is already full enough…

The Green Beautiful

The Green Beautiful (Coline Serreau, 1996)

During the last four years, I’ve been quite quiet when it comes to sports, training and performances. I struggled finding a direction and a healthy relation to training after my complete meltdown in 2012. But trying (and winning) some competitions of Ski Alpinism during the winter 2014/15 lit that little spark that had been missing. They started to call me animaluminium (Fast as an animal, light and strong as aluminium) and that’s a huge motivation itself. My shoulder surgery in May (thank you Dr Riand, Clinique de Valère, Sion) and a pretty inactive summer due to recovery (thank you Andrea, Strandhälsan, Falkenberg) made it hard to keep that spark alive. But after a spontaneous start at the first stage of Falktouren and a very unexpected victory at Kullamannen, this little spark slowly started a fire that I didn’t think I’d ever see again. My training was still on the limit to non-existent (3 times per week), but it was REGULAR. Last time that occured was in november 2011… Thank you Johan Jonsson, Falkenberg Allstars!

I ended my long stay in Sweden at the podium of Falktouren Stage 4, and headed for my third winter in paradise. Val d’Herens, Valais, Switzerland. I slowly started training and competing between my beautiful work hours at Ecole Suisse de Ski et Snowboard, Thyon 2000. So far, the results and my physical shape stays at 70-80% of last winter (the trend is strongly positive, though). But most important, I found the medicine for my mental health. Whenever I feel down or lost, I simply climb the hill one more time. And whenever I’m happy, I…. Climb that hill!

I’ve got myself some goals and guidelines for the winter and even for the next years. And I’ll appreciate all your support while climbing, running, skiing, walking, singing, laughing, crying, sweating that long, lovely, painful, crooked way along those guidelines towards those goals. So stay tuned, I’ll get back to you soon!


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