Heroes – about the people who inspires me

One of the biggest made a statement today. Bruce Springsteen is cancelling one of his shows due to discrimination and violation of human rights. It sent my thoughts on a path. A path which passed my first thought ever of a reason to become famous. It went on to thinking of what makes some people inspiring for real, and ended up with… A car commercial (!) Does it sound strange? Well, let me explain!

The statement: http://brucespringsteen.net/?p=10243

Let’s start with Bruce. There’s been times when I felt a bit… Geeky? When I referred too much to the same persons. Over and over again. And Bruce is certainly one of those. Until today, I’ve never really had an explanation. What makes him special? I’ve been to 5 hour concerts where he didn’t get off stage one single time. 65+ years old… I’ve listened to the Born to run record before each race for a few years now. And I even have one of his quotes, in his handwriting, tattoed on my arm. But I still couldn’t explain WHY. Why is it him, and a few other persons on this earth, who gets so much of my respect?

It hit me today, with that statement he made against open unfair discrimination. He’s for real. He has the power to make a statement that reaches us all, and when he does, it comes from the heart. It doesn’t come from his wallet (actually, it will affect his economy negatively since he’ll refund the tickets for the show) and it’s not even his own business. He’s not one of the victims of the discrimination. It’s completely altrustic, all from love. He’s for real.

So this led me to that thought about being famous. I write sometimes. Silly love songs, thoughts that comes from my heart. Blog posts that I somehow believe could inspire someone. I post pictures and thoughts just because someone might laugh about it. Or get inspired. There’s something inside of me that reaches out to make a difference, if even just for one person. Sometimes it’s just for myself. I had those dreams about being on a stage, performing or speaking to a huge crowd. Maybe we all did? But I never really saw a reason, a purpose, in becoming famous. But I saw one today. Goldhearted people has a reason to become famous. And I’m happy they do. We need more people like Bruce. More people who can rise up and make statements against discrimination, pollution and war. Just to mention a few subjects.

So my thoughts were still wandering that path when I got to think of other people who inspired me. Other people who are for real. The most recent one that came across me must be Kilian JornetI’ve been hearing that name every now and then, ever since I fell in love with the mountains some years ago. I didn’t really listen to that name, and I didn’t really read about him or care. I saw his name in the top of some race results and I figured he must be strong. And I got to know that he shares his life with a swedish girl called Emelie Forsberg, who’s basically known for the same thing but among the women. However. I had this chance to represent Sweden in a world cup earlier this winter. But I didn’t know it would give me a ride through France with Kilian and Emelie in the driver’s seat.

Along that drive, and the week in Andorra, I got the impression this Kilian was something more than just a strong athlete. People wanted him to sign books about his life, and I heard stories about his support for the himalayan earthquake victims some years ago. But he also turned to me, if even just for some seconds at the lunch table, seeming genuinly aware and caring for people around him. I can’t really say I know this guy. We shared a long drive, one training and a few words that week. But I know one thing. This guy is for real. This guy has a heart of gold and he’s doing what he does out of love. Love for the mountains, in his case.

So how did all this end up with a car commercial? Well, I couldn’t let go the thought of that car we went to Andorra in. Something about the lifestyle and attitude of Kilian told me that he wouldn’t spend his money on a fully equipped Mercedes Marco Polo. For some reason, I googled it. For the first time in my life, I was watching a car commercial that touched me for real. Not only because I’ve traveled in that particular car (not just that model) and with that particular guy driving. But also for the message it tells. Because I know those words comes from the heart of this guy and not the car company. Mercedes might still have nothing else but money on their mind, but I know the message and the story is for real. And his voice is important. Meant to be heard. Meant to inspire.

So this is to the people who inspires. To the true and real role models. The ones who lives their passion out of love. The people who makes a difference in this fragile world. The people who deserves that power, maybe because they never claimed it…

To the heroes. Thank you.

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