Music & Words

My mind is never sleeping. There’s always a song playing in my head or a project being worked on. It’s kind of exhausting, but I’m trying to make the best out of it.

Every now and then, when I feel inspired, I take that song out of my mind and try to sing to the sound of my limited guitar skills. If it’s a song I’ve heard before. Or write it down or try to record it. If it’s something that comes out of my own imagination or experiences. One of those projects mentioned above has always been to produce an entire Vinyl (no I don’t like the digital terms). But so far, it mostly didn’t reach further than to some performances at funerals and a crappy first-time-in-studio-recording. I made a promise to myself though, by creating the little webpage

I also wrote some kind of blog during a long, tough period (Swedish):

Published and unpublished material

(I’m not really comfortable with putting it out online like this, but since you gave my webpage so much time, this is my ”thank you” gift. If you consider it a gift.)

My first visit in a real studio. Not very happy with the result, but I learned a lot:
Andreas Lundblad – Chloé

Mom’s funeral, September 2013

Daddy’s funeral, January 2012


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