Slow enough to win – Chapter 2: How to start

A chapter dedicated to those who don’t like training or think they’re not capable of running etc. Basically, for the ones who struggle to start. We can all run. We’re born to run. Give me a chance to prove it!

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100 metres of speed is more fun than 5 kilometres of pain

When you think about running, you might picture a long sequence of pain and a heavy body who doesn’t want at all. What if you turn it over? What if you picture a short moment of feeling like you’re the fastest in the world? Go out for a regular walk and try this:

1. Run fast (not full speed but fast). And stop before it hurts. How far did you get? 100 metres? 50? It doesn’t matter.

2. Walk until you feel ready for another short sequence of running.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you finished your walk. Go home. Rest.

The running blocks will get longer and appear more often for each time you try this. Be patient, don’t push yourself too hard, and you’ll soon be able to run all the way. With a smile!

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